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Premier Cyber Law Consulting Services is your exclusive partner for cyber and information technology laws to investigate and defend against financial frauds, media copyright infringement, data security breach, cyber forensics, and other cyberlaw issues.

We bring the desired combination of management consulting, technical expertise, and operational knowledge of the cyber law. Our cyber law service model is based on years of solid experience, ethics, and integrity combined with specialized domain expertise in Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Laws, Business Laws, project management skills, new technological and legal understanding.

Legal advice for your problem

You want to start a business in India and you don´t know how to make sure that your website is legally compliant? Did you receive a warning letter from one of your competitors? We would be happy to advise you on your legal rights and obligations.

Extend your cyber and digital legal requirements to our experts and focus on your core business and marketing functions. Our cyber law consulting services are flexible and cost-effective and meet the most pressing demands in the areas of Information Technology and Communications law and policy as well as all aspects of electronic commerce.

Our panel of legal cyber law advocates, digital contract law specialists, forensic investigators, cyber security experts helps your organization with end-to-end cyber law consultancy services from drafting, investigation, documentation to litigation at various courts in India.

What is Cyber Law?

Cyber law, aka Internet Law, consists of all the laws concerned with the governing and punishment of violators who commit crimes such as financial fraud, defamation, misuse of freedom of speech and expression, pornography, etc. that are committed in the cyberspace.

Since the nature of digital technology is evolving rapidly, the need for qualified and expert cyber law consultants becomes a critical decision for organizations to make.

Website Legal Compliance Consulting

Website legal compliance is paramount importance in the digital age transacting across borders. Advice on legal compliance made by businesses with Information technology laws and IP laws in India. Also, provide advice on the drafting of the technology transfer agreement, software design agreement, and licensing contract. Our cyber law consulting services cover the following activities:
  • Protect your online brand reputation
  • Conduct comprehensive domain and brand name audits
  • Monitor domain squatting crimes and other IP infringements
  • Draft relevant legally compliant Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and other documents for your online business as per the provisions of the IT Act, 2000.
  • Represent clients in online domain dispute resolution cases administered under the ICANN Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy.
  • Guide on various cyber security policies and frameworks to defend against data theft and ensure data security.
  • Train and empower employees on the provisions of cyber law and educate against various cyber crimes.

In case of infringements and domain trademark abuse, our cyber law experts file appropriate domain name dispute complaints under Domain Name Dispute Resolution Mechanism, under IDRP or UDRP

Cyber Law Consulting and Advisory Services

Our team offer consulting and advisory in drafting bullet-proof contracts, IT/Employment policies, Outsourcing contracts, IP transfer agreements, Website legal compliance documents, and also advises on the legality of its e-commerce model, data protection, and connected legal/regulatory compliance issues.

Also, we provide consultancy on online dispute resolution, conducts legal research projects, and draft legal opinions on complex cyberlaw issues which may have the multijurisdictional implication.

We transcend in cyber law consulting, cyber forensics, IT/Network Security Audit, and Compliance and cases like software license piracy, Trademark Infringement, Copyright infringement, patent, credit card, and online frauds.

Comprehensive List of Cyber Law Services

  • Legal advice and practical guidelines addressing applicable standards, policies, and legislation that may apply to various financial, communication, security, data, and critical resources companies
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • IT Act, 2000 Compliance
  • Online Defamation, Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • ISP liability issues
  • Anti-piracy and Data Theft
  • Advice on the legality of E-commerce model issues
  • Setting up of payment gateway
  • Advice on e-payment options / Online gaming website
  • Legal compliance of IT Act
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Corporate Misconduct
  • Cloning investigations
  • Malware & phishing offenses
  • Hacking
  • Internet Fraud, Online Fraud, Email Fraud
  • Bootlegging and tripping
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fraud and seizure
  • Breach of Copyright and Trademark
  • DDOS attacks, Botnets
  • Embezzlement and Extortion
  • Advanced Fee Scams
  • Spreading viruses, identity theft
  • Drafting of e- contracts-International agreements,
  • Technology transfer and franchising agreements
  • Legal notices – cease/blocking/takedown notices
  • Legal outsourcing work in Cyber Laws
  • Trademark, Copyright, Design, Software registration services, and domain name & IP audits
  • Judicial representation in litigious proceedings regarding violation of competition.
  • Advice on undertakings to cease and desist.
  • Infringement of competition laws (Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other internet distribution).
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements with third parties, including licensing agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing, and updating all applicable legal documentation
  • Advising on all related IP issues

Cyber Security Standards and Architectures

  • Design of cyber security solutions, e.g., for Identity & Access Management (IAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
  • Analysis of implemented technical cyber security architectures based on common cyber security standards and best practices
  • Derivation of cyber security requirements and recommendations for action according to regulatory requirements, e.g., for financial services providers
  • Take over project management activities and create status reports

Contact Our Qualified Cyber Law Advocates

For free initial legal consultation with a Cyber Law Advocate, cyber lawyer, or lawyer in another related field, please contact our Bangalore Cyber Law Advocate today to listen to your case to determine the proper course of action for cyber law consulting, cyber forensics, cyber crime investigation, internet legal compliance audit, free e-commerce legal advice, and website audit disputes. We have offices in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. We represent clients throughout India.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our team, fill out our contact form online.

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