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E-Commerce Law Consulting Services

E-commerce is one of the most effective sources of business nationally and internationally. It provides start-ups and entrepreneurs seemingly countless new opportunities to increase sales and open up new sales markets. However, there is a great deal of legal complexity and tax compliance formalities compared to offline retail commerce.

If you run your website or your website on Amazon, Flipkart, or SnapDeal, you have to observe numerous legal regulations. In addition to the classic terms and conditions as well as the guarantee rights known from the “real” economic life, there are many special regulations for the Internet and especially for the retail trade.

We have a team of cyber law consultants, e-commerce specialists, and IP lawyers that specialize in advising on new technologies, adaptation, and review legal aspects of websites and e-commerce. We guide you safely and successfully through the regulatory wilderness of eCommerce.

We have expertise in designing individual terms and conditions for the right of withdrawal or revocation, developing highly complex and demanding technical ordering and sales processes.

Get Legal Protection for your Online Store

Our range of E-commerce law services includes in particular:

  • Launch of the online store, your computer protocols, and page layout.
  • Terms of Service, Data protection
  • Supplier and labeling requirements in B2B and B2C
  • Check for changes to the law – Price Regulation, Product Labeling & Packaging Ordinance
  • Legal advice in all areas which affect the project (right new technologies, corporate law, tax law).
  • Advice on marketing and market study.
  • Advice on hiring virtual payment platforms through between entrepreneurs and organizations that offer these services.
  • Advice on contract logistics services, making use of a network prior to contacts with carriers that offer the best conditions and prices to customers.
  • Examination of marketing campaigns – Newsletter Advertising, Social media channels, Sweepstakes
  • Contracts with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Creation and testing of contracts with providers, hosting partners, etc.
  • Prosecution of breaches of competition
  • Legal review of the market behavior of competitors
  • Judicial proceedings for enforcement
  • Defense of unjustified allegations of violations
  • Defense of unauthorized warnings
  • Protective measures against interim injunctions
  • Representation in proceedings
  • Examination of asserted claims (omission, information, damages)

Contact Our Qualified E-Commerce Lawyer

For a free initial legal consultation with an E-Commerce Lawyer, please contact our Bangalore E-Commerce Lawyer today to listen to your case to determine the proper course of action for the drafting of contracts and agreements, tax requirements, protection of information, compliance with data protection requirements, and international agreements disputes. We have offices in Greater Noida, Noida, Delhi, Kasganj, Bareilly, and Allahabad. We represent clients throughout India.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our team, fill out our contact form online.

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